Medical Marijuana: How rescrictions could affect landlords in the Lansing area

With more area communities passing moratoriums and restrictions on medical marijuana dispensaries and clubs, landlords are increasing getting offers to lease from businesses in the compassionate care industry. So what is the right thing to do? First, be sure your location even qualifies to house such a business. Many communities have passed moratoriums on new businesses and restrictions in others. Second, do your homework. Due diligence is  the number one way to keep from getting burned as a landlord. Get a application from your prospective tenant requesting authorization to run credit. If this is a new business owner, consider calling references on personal rentals if possible. Third, consult with your attorney. Make sure you are compliant with the law. Consider terms in the lease which allows the business to buy the lease out if a law causes them to close.

Below are the current statuses on medical marijuana ordinances in the Lansing area. Be sure to double check with your local unit as these tend to change quickly.


Charlotte  says existing ordinances prohibit any businesses that are illegal under federal law — for example, dispensaries and co-operatives. No additional ordinances or restrictions passed

Delhi Township

6 month moratorium  passed September 21st on any businesses related to medical marijuana.

Delta Township

Extended a moratorium on Sept. 7 2010 for six more months on any businesses related to medical marijuana.


6 moratorium effective September 14 on sales or dispensing of medical marijuana within the city, which includes retail stores, residences or any facility where cannabis is purchased.

DeWitt Township

No restrictions passed (discussions in the works now)


No restrictions passed

East Lansing

East Lansing is considering three different ordinances but is discussing option on October 19th.

Grand Ledge

A 6 month moratorium passed in  May until the end of November on any commercial businesses relating to medical marijuana.


Passed an ordinance that took effect Sept. 27 that regulates home-based caregivers who conduct business with patients inside their homes. Only one caregiver can operate out of a house if cannabis is sold there, which can’t be within 1,000 feet of any public or private schools, playgrounds, churches or substance abuse rehabilitation centers. No advertising can be placed outside and any use  that could pose a fire hazard must be approved by the fire marshal and the Building Safety Office. This ordinance does not address dispensaries or cooperatives.

Lansing Township

A moratorium is in place until May 1, 2011, restricting permits for sales, growing facilities, clubs or any business activities that result in medical marijuana sales.


No restrictions passed.

Meridian Township

No restrictions passed.


Six-month moratorium passed September 27th 2010 on land use permits for the sale or dispensation of medical marijuana in the city.

Williamstown Township

Six-month moratorium effective September 7 2010

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