Choosing the Right Attorney for Your Real Estate Transaction

real estateA good attorney in a real estate deal is a lot like having a good doctor in that they should be able to talk you out of doing things that cause you harm and can save your life when you need them most.

When involved in real estate transactions, we often are asked about the role of a attorney in the transaction. Like a doctor, you can go through your life without using an attorney. But also like a doctor, regular visits to your attorney can save you long term financial pain.


So how do you choose a good attorney? Well, that depends on what you need to do. You may not use the same attorney to deal with a tenant that isn’t paying rent that you would to negotiate the purchase of a business. Just like you wouldn’t have your heart doctor remove your molars.

Also, it helps to have a local attorney in the area that your real estate transaction is taking place. Real estate transactions ofter involve local closing customs, judges that may interpret the law in a way differently that in other areas and interacting with other professionals in the area. We have seen disastrous effects from out of area attorneys who are trying to use local customs from outside a market to close a deal in a different area where both the buyer and sellers end up walking away from the deal.

One of the characteristics we recommend when selecting an attorney is that you find one suited for the task at hand. If you are negotiating a deal, it often times is beneficial to stick with a person that brings both sides together to find a fair solution. When one side takes a hostile stance, it often times forces the other side to respond in a similar fashion. This generally only runs up legal fees and does not solve the issues.

If you are looking for a real estate attorney in the Mid Michigan area, feel free to give us a call for a referral to a local professional.


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