Commercial Listings Sent to Over 140,000

By Deborah Ball Kearns, RE/MAX Times Online Associate Editor

Is your commercial listing with RE/MAX Commercial Group?If so, more than 140,000 commercial industry professionals saw your properties in the March RE/MAX e-blast and on LoopNet.

The free monthly e-mail, prepared by RE/MAX Commercial and sent on Mar. 7, pulls RE/MAX listings entered into LoopNet by property type across all sectors.

The e-blast is then sent to brokers, property asset managers, developers, site selection specialists and other key commercial professionals around the country.

What does this mean for you? More potential buyers.

LoopNet, the RE/MAX Commercial services provider that powers the commercial listing side of, exposes your properties to millions of potential clients.

Not with RE/MAX Commercial Group?

As a RE/MAX Affiliate, you can sign up for free Basic Membership on LoopNet that allows you to add unlimited listings to and ensures that all of your listings will be searchable by anyone in real-time on the commercial property search on It also ensures that your listings are included in the monthly e-blast. Listings also can be directly searched on

You also qualify for a discount off the list price on select plans for a new Premium Membership for Professionals subscription. If you’re an existing Premium Professional Member, you may continue your membership at your existing rate, or you may choose to take advantage of the RE/MAX discounted rate – whichever is lower. E-mail LoopNet Member Services if you wish to take advantage of the RE/MAX Affiliate discount.

Add the e-blast to your listing presentations and prospecting efforts to showcase the power and reach RE/MAX Commercial has in the commercial marketplace.

Joining RE/MAX Commercial Group puts you in control of your business. With the biggest name in real estate behind you and your drive and determination, you can be one of the leaders in your market. Call today to find out more. 517-321-2800 Ext 143

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