RE/MAX Balloon Fleet is Largest

RE/MAX has the largest Balloon Fleet

SOARING HIGH: Two RE/MAX Hot Air Balloons float above Vilnius, Lithuania at dawn.

By Deborah Ball Kearns, RE/MAX Times Online Editor

When consumers see a RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon, they identify it as a symbol representing unparalleled quality, customer service and credibility.

The RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon, which stands seven stories tall, is one of the most recognizable company symbols around. There are 112 hot air balloons in the RE/MAX global fleet, which is the largest in the world.

While the marketing claim is a unique one, the significance of the RE/MAX balloon fleet embodies so much more.

It represents nearly four decades of real estate leadership and excellence. And when a RE/MAX hot air balloon flies at a charitable event, balloon festival or a local school, consumers are reminded of their local real estate expert: you.

View a gallery of RE/MAX Hot Air Balloons on the RE/MAX Facebook page.

The RE/MAX Balloon in action
RE/MAX Balloons fly at many hot air balloon meets across North America. RE/MAX Balloon pilots introduce school classes to ballooning, and couples ask to be married in the balloon.

The average RE/MAX Balloon makes 65 appearances a year, each event averaging more than an hour, for a fleet total of about 6,400 hours of advertising – equal to nearly nine months of 24-hour flying.

The network’s major graphic symbol, the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon image appears on “for sale” signs, bus benches, billboards, in print advertising and television commercials.

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